November 8, 2012

Heart Organ Softie - Tutorial

Finally I had the time to prepare the tutorial for my Heart Organ Softie as promised!

I am hosting a Sewing Sunday in my town this week and we are going to make as many hearts as possible for the children awaiting heart transplants or operations in Austria. Did you know that 800 children per year receive heart transplants and operations? I did not know this, and that is why I have decided to dedicate my time and money to the 'Aktion Kinderherz' organization.

I make the hearts and individualize them with the date of the heart surgery or transplant - it is considered as their second birthday.

My first visit to the hospital was a very touching moment. Meeting those brave little kids that have undergone such an ordeal and meeting the parents full of worries - it melted my heart to say the least. To hand over their hearts was a very special experience and I am really happy to have found a cause I can contribute to and make a little difference in the lives of those brave children.

Here is me with little Louise and her heart... she is already home again with the family and making an amazing recovery from the transplant.

And this is Justin, an awesome young man who I was able to send a heart all the way to from Austria to America. His Mom is so strong and is currently working on a project to sew blankets for the babies in hospital with heart defects - and they will be able to take these blankets home with them as a precious memorabilia.

I am hoping to reach a lot more children and parents with my project and that is why I am sharing this project with you. All I ask for is a link to me or this blog when you make the hearts. Thank you!
Here we go...

Material: red fleece, blue fleece, blue wool, stuffing.

Download the two jpegs and print with A4 paper size: 
Click here for the Heart
Click here for the Arteries.

Step 1: Cut all parts.

2. Sew the pieces together, leaving a gap for the stuffing and turn right side out.

3. Once you got your pieces sewn together its time for filling the arteries and the heart. Hand sew the gaps close and attach the arteries as shown in the photo below.

Start with the aorta and attach one end on the front and then bend it slightly
 over the top of the heart's main body and sew the other end on the back.

Place the pulmonary artery in such a way, that it can easily fit through the aorta.

4. Now time for the veins. Grab blue wool and follow my pattern on the heart. I backstitched the veins.

And you are done. Personalize them with adding the date on the back of the surgery.

I apologize for the quality of the photos, but I am a night-sewer :)
I would love to hear from you, if you decide to join me in reaching out to children with heart conditions. May their little bodies be blessed with strength and health and hope.


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  1. Oh wow, the hearts are amazing! How inspiring are you and those little brave people! Have a lovely Christmas!


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