May 12, 2012

I ♥ Raccoons-Pouch

Mother's day tomorrow and I finished my present just in time today *phew*

My mom loves racoons, so i decided to make her a raccoon bag for her manicure utensils. Hers is like a million years old and deserves a new home. I found the image on pinterest and borrowed it -> link. Its from

This is my first time working with fabric paint... I know- where have I been the last decades, but I have been trying to find an equivalent to freezer paper over here in Austria - NONE! Very frustrating, so I started experimenting with sticky foil we used as kids for our school books.

The stenciling went really well and so did the painting process. The paint stayed where it should and no leaking - very happy with the outcome. PLUS - I was able to re-use the raccoon stencil on a T-shirt for my little guy... Bonus!!

Once the raccoon was all 'ironed-out' I was ready to sew the zippered pouch.

And here the finished project/present.

I hope she loves it *fingerscrossed*

I love you Mom!!


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  1. That. Is. Awesome.
    Nice work! I'm positive she'll love it.

    1. Thanks Ange! My Mom did love her raccoon bag :)) Going to have to buy her a real one next year I think :)))

  2. total süß!:)

  3. AnonymousMay 15, 2012

    Super! Freezer paper kannst Du übrigens bei Quilt- Bedarf- Läden (ist das ein Wort?) bestellen, aber ich glaube, so geht's ja auch. Zeigst Du uns auch das T- Shirt?


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