March 21, 2012

Take a Smile T-Shirt Tutorial

My husband and I saw a photo the other day on Pinterest that made us both smile. (Yes, my hubby is also on Pinterest to get inspiration for his wood turning adventures - and there is some amazing stuff out there - wow!) So when be saw the pic he said: I want a T-Shirt with this... and this is where my mission began! Any excuse :)

I took photos again of my doings, so if you want to give smiles away - go ahead - the world needs them :)

This is the original:

I wanted to use a bigger handwriting font, since it was for a T-Shirt and should be readable from afar.


1. I chose yellow fabric (for the post-it look) and folded it in half. Size of the fabric depends on the size of the T-Shirt you are going to use.

2. To give it more sturdiness I used double sided iron on fusing to stick the two halves together. This will prevent fraying too.

3. Then I sketched the writing in pencil and started going over the outlines.

4. Then cut along your vertical lines and remove the 'empty' tags.

5. Finish all the raw edges with a small zigzag stitch or equivalent.

6. I then used an eraser to get rid of all my outlines - if that doesn't work, give it a quick wash.
Then place your application on your T-Shirt where you want it to be, pin it and sew.

I did not sew down all the individual tags, but since their reverse side wasn't pretty, I sew them down 3/4 so they still looked like they were loose, but no chance of them showing their ugly back.

And you're done. FERTIG!


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