March 13, 2012

A Royal Throne for a little Prince

I posted about my obsession with floor cushions before, and I have taken it to another dimension.
It all started with Susan's tutorial from Living with Punks. Easy to follow steps and I added my own little thing by making the piping myself (no big deal, but it mattered to me then :)

I have also posted about my love for the Union Jack before and my several projects will prove this true :)
So, I simply combined two obsessions and made them into one project:

A Royal Floor Cushion... and it's for my little boy, when we read his English books.

I simply added the white and red stripes of fabric to my top fabric with tight zigzag stitches.
I have also thought about a 'Swiss' floor cushion with the white cross. I love flags!

I have also added the handle with red piping for contrast. 
Its a brighter red than the top red fabric I used for the Union Jack.


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  1. I love Union Jack inspired projects too and this floor seat is just awesome! Maybe I should finally sit down and make those long overdue Union Jack cushions for my living room sofas.


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