August 6, 2011

The Fabric Family Sign Tutorial

I have been trying to make a photo wall for a long time now to decorate our stairway, but the thought of having to go through over 6000 photos just scared me and so I kept postponing this project - until 2 days ago! I actually sat down and went through all my photos and it didn't take as much time as I assumed - simply because you have a few favorite pics you love and I simply stuck to those. When I wasn't sure I didn't pick it.

So out of 6000 became 140 and eventually 'only' 40 photos of my family & co.
I bought lots of different color frames from IKEA - they are cheap and come in packs of two.
Now, making a photo wall with only frames seemed a bit boring to me, and since my family is a lot of fun I needed something colorful to go in between the photos and so this idea was born:

The Fabric Family Sign

I've sewn the letters FAMILY onto colorful fabric and attached them onto thin branches out of my garden.
I really love the way it turned out and its an eye-catcher when you walk up our staircase.

The Fabric Family Sign Tutorial

What you'll need:

• fabric scraps
• ribbon
• branches
• sewing machine, scissors

Cut your fabric squares (2 each) and your letters out of your desired fabric scraps. 
Cut 2 ribbons per square.
My squares measured 8"x 8"and my ribbons 6".
I drew the letters by hand directly on the fabric and cut them.

Pin the squares with right sides together.

 Measure 1,5" from each side on top. This is where you insert your ribbon on the left and right.

Its also a great way of reminding you to not sew the whole 
square close but to leave a gap to turn the fabric inside out.
Insert the ribbon as shown below in between the fabric.

 Sew the fabric with the ribbon in between close, leaving the gap on top. 

Turn inside out and stitch gap close.

Now place your letter onto your fabric and pin.

Sew onto fabric using the zig zag stitch on your machine.

Now find some branches and tie the ribbons together - and you're done!


 Here are a few more impressions of my photo wall, but its kinda hard to take pics 'around the corner' :D

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  1. I love this idea!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:
    (link will go live later tonight)


  2. Hi I came from the Craft Gossip website and just love your photo wall. Thank you for the tutorial for the fabric letter signs! The whole combination looks fantastic.

  3. Hi again, would love to follow your blog but the follow feature doesn't seem to work :-(

  4. @Sewandthecity: Oh no! I just tried it and it seems to work again... thank you for wanting to follow my blog, I really appreciate it. And for taking the time to leave a lovely comment! Thanks!



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