March 24, 2014

Where would the fox sit?

It's getting warmer here in Vienna, which means time to turn off the floor heating! YAY and HOORAY to that, however until the floors get really warm enough to sit on and play on by themselves its cushion time!! I really like cushions and I have made a few in the past, but this time I wanted to make something different, something especially for the kids - and I came up with this foxy little (big!) floor cushion...

I gave it some ears too, for the kids to carry it around easily, but they are now mainly used to 'ride' the pillow around the house yelling 'Yiiihaaaa' :) I guess I'll be making a horse cushion next! Who knows...

Its such a simple pattern too - I just grabbed a large plate, calculated the circumference of the circle (ooooh maths!!) and added piping to the side piece. Its stuffed with cotton ball fibre filling, which makes it really cuddly and soft. I designed the fox's face and ears - and really, you can sew anything onto the pillow... make a raccoon, bear, owl,... endless possibilities! I am currently working a new, slightly larger floor cushion right now - I'll be posting about it soon!!

Stay tuned, and I promise, it'll not take a year and a half again for the next post of mine - baby break is over and I must say, I missed blogging, now that I have gotten round to sharing this with you! 

Have a great sunny day,

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November 8, 2012

Heart Organ Softie - Tutorial

Finally I had the time to prepare the tutorial for my Heart Organ Softie as promised!

I am hosting a Sewing Sunday in my town this week and we are going to make as many hearts as possible for the children awaiting heart transplants or operations in Austria. Did you know that 800 children per year receive heart transplants and operations? I did not know this, and that is why I have decided to dedicate my time and money to the 'Aktion Kinderherz' organization.

I make the hearts and individualize them with the date of the heart surgery or transplant - it is considered as their second birthday.

My first visit to the hospital was a very touching moment. Meeting those brave little kids that have undergone such an ordeal and meeting the parents full of worries - it melted my heart to say the least. To hand over their hearts was a very special experience and I am really happy to have found a cause I can contribute to and make a little difference in the lives of those brave children.

Here is me with little Louise and her heart... she is already home again with the family and making an amazing recovery from the transplant.

And this is Justin, an awesome young man who I was able to send a heart all the way to from Austria to America. His Mom is so strong and is currently working on a project to sew blankets for the babies in hospital with heart defects - and they will be able to take these blankets home with them as a precious memorabilia.

I am hoping to reach a lot more children and parents with my project and that is why I am sharing this project with you. All I ask for is a link to me or this blog when you make the hearts. Thank you!
Here we go...

Material: red fleece, blue fleece, blue wool, stuffing.

Download the two jpegs and print with A4 paper size: 
Click here for the Heart
Click here for the Arteries.

Step 1: Cut all parts.

2. Sew the pieces together, leaving a gap for the stuffing and turn right side out.

3. Once you got your pieces sewn together its time for filling the arteries and the heart. Hand sew the gaps close and attach the arteries as shown in the photo below.

Start with the aorta and attach one end on the front and then bend it slightly
 over the top of the heart's main body and sew the other end on the back.

Place the pulmonary artery in such a way, that it can easily fit through the aorta.

4. Now time for the veins. Grab blue wool and follow my pattern on the heart. I backstitched the veins.

And you are done. Personalize them with adding the date on the back of the surgery.

I apologize for the quality of the photos, but I am a night-sewer :)
I would love to hear from you, if you decide to join me in reaching out to children with heart conditions. May their little bodies be blessed with strength and health and hope.


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August 16, 2012

Organ Study

And now for something completely different...

This is what I have been making over the past 3 weeks - organs!!

This is the heart made from fleece - complete with aorta and arteries

A pair of lungs - also made from fleece and a detailed trachea.

And a stomach...

Why all this?

A friend of mine is teaching, and she asked me to make these. 
I love these so much, I think I need to make another set for my kiddo when the time arrives...
... now I need to complete the kidneys and the uterus.


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August 2, 2012

Feather Print Tutorial

I doodled a couple of nights ago and I drew a few feathers. I love feathers.
Next day I looked at my drawing and really wanted to have a fabric with feathers on, so...

I cut my doodle out and traced it onto rubber foam ( bought in DIY store - CHEAP!)

Painted the foam with fabric paints and pressed them onto cotton.
You can use it over and over again - wash it when done, dry and save for other projects.

Really really love the outcome, especially when the colors began to mix.

Every brush stroke will be visible as a hair of the feather - so make sure you brush from the feather's quill to the edges, to give it the right texture.

Press for a short time but hard enough to get the texture right - may take a few trials.
And you can always go over it with a darker color, if you don't like the print! BONUS :)

And you're done with your design!


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July 31, 2012

My 'All Nature' Quilt Tote

I am done!!! 

My first patchwork project is finished - and I dedicated it to what inspires me most: NATURE!
Glue, fabric paint, leaves, kitchen towel rolls, potatoes... anything was used for designing the prints and then free motion sewing for quilting it all together (see previous post for details).

My other inspiration: Alisa Burke - she gave me courage to actually go ahead and sew 'wildly' and freely across my self-designed fabrics. She's AWESOME! 

Lemons, Bubbles, Lavender, Feathers, Berries and Poetry

The straps were made with wood glue (write with glue, dry, add paint, dry, wash - done!)

The tote is lined and the straps read a bit of E.E.Cumings...

You are my sun, my moon and all my stars.

Same can be found on the tote itself.

'Always create, love and craft' - my own poetry :)))

Celtic knot

Lots of space for all my shopping :)

Very happy with the outcome!

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July 30, 2012

Quilting a Nature Tote

WOW - my 100th post!!! 

Proud to say, that I plucked up the courage to chop up my fabric designs 
and started quilting my fabric prints from last week...

I managed to get the 2 sides for my project done...


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July 26, 2012

Fabric Print Design

I have been experimenting with fabric print design a lot lately, and I wanted to show you a few of my outcomes. I am planning on making a tote out of these - cut the fabric into strips, sew them wildly and randomly together and 'freestyle' it into one fabric to make the tote. Not sure when this is going to happen - I think I can't bring myself to cut the fabrics up or slightly scared that I am going to make a huge big mess out of it :) Well, it is an experiment after all, but I like my things to turn out well - who doesn't - and the thought of having to start from scratch again scares me :)

Anyway, here is what I came up with so far. Mostly inspired by nature :))

Very merry strawberry :)

Leaves made with crafting glue. Draw, Dry, Paint, Wash - simple!

I used kitchen roll carton and the bottom of a bottle for this 'stamping' design.

Canary birds, leaves and berries.

Potato stamping... Loved this as a kid!

Strawberry stamping :)

Lemons inspired me here - I let slices dry and then stamped with them. Easy.

My fav: Lavender...

Wet the fabric, use fabric paint and watch it 'travel' and diffuse.

My last trip to Dublin is the inspiration to this.

And an image I saw on pinterest I really liked...

My designs so far - and I have a feeling there are more to come! :)

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