August 1, 2014

Mermaid Swing

I'm off to Italy tomorrow - yay! Sun, Beach, Sand... and in my 'joy mode' I created a little sea creature! I saw this on the internet - someone painted a door with this beautiful little mermaid on a swing - in Copenhagen I think it was - and I fell in love with it. So I had to sew it literally straight away! But before I could get sewing I had to craft my own background - with fabric paint and a roller brush. I wanted a wave/water/drop feeling to the background, so I used green/white and blue.

For the sewing part: the tail was a nightmare, because I chose a silky fabric, that frayed into a million threads when cutting and melted on the iron when I tried to apply the heat'n'bond. Took me a few attempts to get the iron temperature right (and to clean the silly thing too!). But then it was 'green lights' for me to get sewing - and it was a right pleasure!

Here is a close up of the torso. Love the little dainty shoulders and the shell in her hair. The artist really thought of everything in detail. Was a bit hard to sketch at first, but in the end it all turned out just how I wanted it to be. This picture is going to be sold on a craft market in October.

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July 30, 2014

Starfish and Bleach

I wanted to make something special today, and I decided that I would need to make my own fabric for that too - so I grabbed my bleach spray and started to experiment with it on fabric. Apart from the fumes, it was all good fun - and I was happy with the outcome. 

I wanted to create a sea feel, a wavy feel and a little droplet feeling to it. The picture itself explains why... as a child I always enjoyed searching the beach for starfish, and treasured them at home - such beautiful creatures. I didn't really know by then, that they were dead, but it probably would have killed the magic for me... 

And when I found this quote the other day, I had to stitch this picture straight away. Couldn't wait for the kids to go to bed and get started. Took 2 hours to make (this includes the fabric design)... so not that bad really! I am getting fast at this now too - a piece a day, I am finding it so hard to keep up with blogging, facebooking, instagramming and what not... this social media is killing me at times :D

I am going to the beach on Saturday - 2 weeks in Italy... hope to catch up then with my blogging!!

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July 21, 2014

Make Waves

Still on the rainy subject, but something with a lot more force and fierceness than a little drizzle - WAVES! I am off to Italy for 2 weeks in a little while, and I can't wait to stick my toes in the sea and smell the fresh salty air and watch the waves break -  but obviously my holiday aren't as romantic as this sounds. I will most probably have my toes full of ice cream, find the sand in the kid's diapers and watch something else break, but probably not many waves :D Holiday with kids, yay :D

We can't wait to go again this year - and so I wanted to create something to reflect my 'lookingforwardtoholidaysmode' - and this is the result:

I really like the Japanese feel of the waves - a design I found online. They are so pretty and dynamic and I combined 3 colors: turquoise, dark blue and very light blue for shading and to give it texture. I drew some of the waves onto the white fabric with a textile marker first - and I like how that worked.

The lettering I also covered in waves a little, cause I found it so empty up on top :D I was looking for the right quote to go with this picture, and I stumbled upon these 2 simple words: MAKE WAVES! Oh yeah - make waves, stand out, ruffle some feathers,... freedom! Very inspiring!

Going to think about packing now soon! Something I don't enjoy - probably as much as unpacking when arriving back home!!

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July 16, 2014

Find peace in the rain

I went for a jog the other evening - and as I stepped out of my house it began to rain. Just a little drizzle and it tickled my nose. When i looked up, I saw a double rainbow - it was sooo beautiful!
If it wasn't for the mosquitoes, I would have spent hours just watching the beautiful colors in the sky... this experience inspired me to create this hoop - it was done that night, cause once I get an idea in my head, it needs to be transformed asap! What a nuisance, but otherwise I won't be able to sleep...

I call this 'Find Peace In The Rain'...

Have a lovely evening, I am off to bed now... I tried to fix my Old Lady 'Singer' tonight, but she won't do what I would like her to do -  I think we need to make friends first... Got her for my birthday, and I am dying to try out her charm and create free motion embroidery!

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July 12, 2014

Lightbulbs and cupcakes

I did a bit of late night doodeling last night, and came across this image, where an artist made two lightbulbs out of wire... loved the simple design and transferred it onto fabric right away... a few letter stamps, and it has a whole new meaning to it. Quick and simple project - just my thing!

And here is a close up - I took these pics on instagram, so they aren't very large.

Oh, and I did sew in a straight line again for a change too... a pencil bag out of the 'Zakka Handmade' book from Amy Morinaka. I love her style and the projects in the book are ideal for little give-aways and birthday presents. Again, an instagram photo, so no larger image possible... 

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the summer - I am off to pick a few tomatoes and cherries!
And don't forget to shine your light - shine like a star!

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July 9, 2014

Inspirational Quote Art

I am still on my inspiration quotes trip - I can't get enough of those wise words that are out there... and by plastering my studio with them, I do hope that eventually they will sink in :D I am a very spiritual person, and these quotes speak to my soul...

This one I stitched onto 'homemade' fabric I designed two years ago. I used glue to write on blank white fabric, let it sit to dry and then paint it in desired color. Dry, iron, wash - and the glue comes off and the white writing remains. Really neat look - but my hand hurt 2 days from squeezing the frigging glue out of the tube... I'll use my son's glue next time I think.

Have a great day,

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July 7, 2014

Love yourself today!

Woke up this morning with the image of my dachshund Jakob in my head. He passed away 11 years ago now, but memories are very fond! He was my friend and like every dog, he spread love all day, every day! It got me thinking of how much we think of ourselves, when it comes to spreading the love we hold... we give it to the kids, the family, the pets and charities - but do we care about outselves as much?

So I combined my image and my thoughts into a hoop today :)

Say 'I love you' to yourself!! Today!! Everyday!!

Have a love-ly day everyone!

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